foucaultnut (foucaultnut) wrote,

Strange place.

More crazy people, but crazy people that come across with a 51% or greater probability of enjoying my company.  I love them all quite dearly, so this is all I need, that 1%, to truly be able to let go.  Some are closer to 90%, and some people I scare with my joking, reminding me that I too am a little crazy. 

Everyone has their reasons and their stories.  I'm returning to my basal thirst for simple truth.  I think I got some of that from some people.  I also got asked some very good questions while very drunk by a very drunk friend whom I wish I could make very happy and free spirited again. 

It's important to remember the feeling of a place, but more important to understand how your people make that feeling.  I was truly happy this time.  Truly, wonderfully satisfied with the moment.   And on top of that, I got the most ridiculously basic pleasure of seeing and being treated kindly by a lot of very pretty, intelligent, pleasant girls.

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