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The question of activity and passivity is quite interesting.  What compels us into either? How do we evaluate the states of others? I feel this has a deeper link....

The world exists as a system of constraints on our activities.  This is the case for all things in the world.  Atoms, rocks, plants, animals, us.  Though we attribute ourselves a special place among the others.  We always already assume we have freedom, will, choice.  We see the things in the world that appear to lack this attribute and we see what simply is.  All "things" in the world are passive actors merely being acted upon by surrounding forces.  We even distinguish ourselves from animals by claiming that their "instinctual" needs represent immovable edifices.  We are free from these things through choice.  We choose how to satisfy our basic needs and we choose who we love and we choose where to go and we choose who to be.  Yet we can only live to satisfy these needs, we can't choose who we love, where we are chooses where we can go, and our being chooses who we are. 

Passivity is being in a structure. Activity is making your structure while being in it. We claim to break the rules, yet even the possibility of breaking the rules that delimit us is impossible.  The assumption is that we are ever outside the structure which physically constitutes us. So long as the world is assumed to work in a regular manner, our "choices" are simply a part of this order.  As soon as we perceive ourselves as beings unrequired to follow the order of the world we create the other-worldly.

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