foucaultnut (foucaultnut) wrote,

There are many who teach me. Whether I learn or whether the abstraction of me learns makes me worry.  At the same time, to think that the mind and the body are thus somehow disconnected immediately brings up questions pertaining to the soul.  Can I truly learn without learning? It seems so. The disjunction between experience and thought has been proven many times.  I don't know which is controlled and constrained, but I imagine both in their own way, ultimately.  Yet one is more free than the other I think.  I have invested heavily in the pure process of liberation, perhaps to the detriment of the information I could have at my fingertips.  Content has never interested me, yet form is only useful in its application. I have dissolved the playing field and contracted my ambitions to be merely an ability to process.  The middle way is not only an idea, it is an action.  I've forgotten kindness, maybe.  Kindness and a certain kind of freedom.

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