foucaultnut (foucaultnut) wrote,

I went to the Funky Buddha tonight. Those uninitiated - it is the popular center of hipster dance activity in Chicago. I was not cool enough, for sure. I wore a shirt referencing Derrida. The woman working the bar took my first order, but then looked at me with a passe glance and had other indie hipster bartenders take my order. Very amusing. Five drinks i think? 3 for my female friends. Unoffended, that was the key at the moment apparently. Regardless, there was much dancing to be had - good beats, reasonable songs, acceptable sound system.

Then home. A $60 night, but worth it. Now for the first time in a very long time, ramen and anime. Ah! My goddess.  So be it. Judge me and fuck you. I take my simple pleasures as I can find them, my simple dreams as I can manifest them.

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